Review by West Hem Roll:

“I purchased a long board about a year ago and I have been loving it. The board was customized and painted how I wanted it. They built it with really good parts and my board is still riding smooth a year later. ”

Joe Martin

“The longboards turned out awesome for my son and I. They are eco-friendly, have unbelievable flex, and carve like no other!! Thank you Black Longboards. ”


“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my 6 Black Longboards (Yes, you read that right..6)! My family is addicted! Black longboards are well built, awesome looking, durable, and roll really well! The products used are top of the line!  Did I say I LOVE them? lol If you don’t have one, I highly suggest getting one. They are a blast! ”


“I love the strength and flexibility of the plywood and fiberglass design of his flex board.  It’s awesome on the big hills and easy to carve on the way down.”


” I love my board so much! It’s so smooth and it turns and responds quickly . I feel like I’m surfing on the sidewalk!! Get a Black Longboard you won’t be disappointed!!

Jessie Roshto


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