Where We At?

Black longboards has been a wee bit busy designing new models, setting up our “completes” section on the site, and we just finished up with the Arizona Bumblebomb event. Thanks to John “Jerzey” Jackson of Arizona Slide Labs for setting that event up. Congratulations to Josh Wright for winning our Model ‘O’ in the slide jam.

Featured here is a sneak peek at Model ‘X’. It is very exy with a capital ‘X’. It features kicks on each end with all the right curves. It is 41 inches in length and 10 inches wide with 30 inch wheel base. It has medium-high concave and medium camber.

Model ‘S’ for Surf board is also on the way. It looks like it was made for the concrete wave in your hood.
The fun doesn’t stop there, a downhill board is also in the works.

Our local riders, Davis and Collin, are busy testing these out so look for it on the site sooner than later skater. In the meantime you can always wet your whistle with the our classics.

Spread the stoke and stay tuned…

Featured here is Collin
Pictures by Davis Graves