Donating Is Cool

We love charitable people, which is why we are super excited to be a part of two amazing charities set up by extremely generous and kind people.

March 3rd
The first auction takes place in good ol’ Queen Creek, Arizona. The cause is for two adorable children who suffer from a very rare disease called Leukodystrophy. A lot of great people have come together and put together a large event featuring a 5k run, breakfast, and silent auction which will include one of our boards. To read more about these kids in need of love and support go here.

February 29th
The second auction is sponsored by our favorite photographer who has more than supported our business, Zeffler Photography . Zeffler Photography is located here in Mesa Arizona, but they are taking their good name to Africa where children are in need of a lot of love and basic essentials like SHOES. Something we take for granted. They will be hosting an online auction starting February 29th. One of our original flat boards will be auctioned here along with some other amazing goods. This auction will last for a week and have tons of great stuff to bid on. If you can’t make it you can always donate through here. Give a little, give a lot, but start this year out right by giving something.

Stay tuned for the link for this online auction.


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